The Innovation Tree

October 14, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield

The Innovation Tree was lit on September 27th after VIATEC, the DVBA, City of Victoria and the Government Street Merchants came together to make it happen. It’s lit with Aurora lights from Limbic Media¬†which are sound reactive! Really!

When the sun goes down, head down to the foot of Government Street by the Fairmont Empress and the Tourism Info Centre, stand under the tree and shout, sing or play an instrument¬†to see it in action! (Click here for a video that doesn’t do it justice).

This tree represents our long history of innovative ideas, initiatives, products and companies that have been built in our region by dreamers, entrepreneurs and makers.

“The purpose of art is to shake the dust of daily life off our souls.” -Pablo Picasso

Click below to listen as Dan Gunn explains why installations like this are important to our city and why politics should be left out of it…

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