1. Coast Lunchbox & Light up the Hills

    September 22, 2017 by Tessa Bousfield

    On today’s B-Side we’re covering two timely topics:

    1. Coast Lunchbox
      This healthy alternative food truck (not to be confused with FreshCoast who was recently in hot water over an Instagram post), has become one of the most popular trucks to visit at music festivals and almost any public event in town. From their addictive garlic rosemary fries, to their mouth-watering Korean BBQ Pork Wrap… they make food truck eating a non-shameful act you’ll want to brag about. They’ve managed to create healthy (and delicious) food items that actually compete with the greasy norm. And, you can even book them to cater your special event! When they’re not parked at a festival, you can find them at 610 Herald St (Fountain Tire Parking Lot), 11am-2pm Monday-Friday.
    2. Light up the Hills
      A few weeks ago we talked about local artists making waves at music festivals this summer. Well, they just all happen to be at the “Light up the Hills” event this Saturday! From 7:30-9:30pm in the Westhills community, show up for a family-friendly outdoor festival of light presented by the West Shore Arts Council and Westhills.From the Facebook event:”Held after dark, featured illuminated artworks will create a spectacular glowing effect throughout the community. Event participants will walk along a designated path, passing by various performances and artworks, and using hand-made lanterns to guide their way. This community-focused event aims to showcase the creativity of local artists, musicians, and performers.

      -The featured artworks include three returning from last year’s festival: “Aurora” by Limbic Media, “StalagNight” by Studio Robazzo, and “Luminous Grove” by Joshua Schmidt (Luminous Forest Project).

      -This year we are excited to include the Phoenix Rainbow Project, which has been featured at several events including Otherworld, Burn in the Forest, Vancouver Pride, and the 2017 Burning Man festival.

      -Also featuring the “Registroid” from Monkey C Interactive. The Registroid is a vintage cash register that has been modified into a playable, interactive, musical looping machine with blinking lights.

      -Local performers include: Circus artist Kaelyn Schmitt, Victoria Conservatory of MusicMaple Leaf School of Russian BalletKaleidoscope Theatre for Young People, harpist Allison Marshall, and the Quicksbottom Morris dancers!

      There will be three lantern-making workshops in the lead up to the event:
      -September 16, 2017 – Centennial Hall – 2805 Carlow Road. Drop-in from 3-6pm. Register here: http://bit.ly/2eHpwbh

      -September 19, 2017 – Royal Canadian Legion Branch 91 – 761 Station Ave. Drop-in from 3-6pm. Register here: http://bit.ly/2gHFS43

      -September 20, 2017 – Coast Collective – 318 Wale Rd. This intermediate to advanced lantern-making workshop has limited registration and will take place from 4:30-7:30pm. Register here: http://bit.ly/2gHKC9V

      Parking will be available at Belmont Secondary School and at the Westhills YMCA. For those with small children or mobility issues, a trolley service will be circulating from Belmont, to the YMCA, and past Westhills Park.

      Volunteer participation is essential to the success of this event. There are many roles that need to be filled, including tasks leading up to and during the event, and roles suitable for both individuals and groups. Email admin@westshorearts.org for more information!”

    Listen below as Dan Gunn chats to Dylan and Jason on the Zone at 91.3fm…

  2. Experience Tectoria on the B-Side

    September 15, 2017 by Tessa Bousfield

    Experience Tectoria is a gathering of the local tech community with international investors in beautiful Victoria, BC. It started in 2012 by VIATEC and has grown every single year. Venture Capitals get exposed to our local talents, all while the city is dressed up for the annual Rifflandia Music Festival. [Check out last year’s event video here]

    This year’s event started Wednesday night with the film screening of “She Started It” at Fort Tectoria. The film (sponsored by Discovery Foundation | Purpose Five | iWIST | Stream of Consciousness), follows five young women over two years as they pitch VCs, build teams, bring products to market, fail and start again. The film takes viewers on a global roller coaster ride from San Francisco to Vietnam. [Click here to view pictures]

    It’s no secret the tech sector can be a bit of a “bro world”, but when you look at VIATEC’s Accelerator Program, 32% of it’s companies are run by female founders. Dig a little deeper and you find out that women actually have an 18.75% better chance of being accepted into the program!

    Experience Tectoria continued yesterday as 130 tech executives (and even the Venture Capitalists), took a day-long workshop on “A Coaching Approach to Leadership” led by the Roy Group. This group consisted of 29 local companies and every person there took a full day out of their busy schedule to learn how to become a better leader – how cool is that?

    Following the workshop, 250 people piled into the Victoria Event Centre for the 6th volume of F*ckUp Nights!

    Everyone’s favourite night.

    Nothing like watching accomplished, confident people share their still-raw, professional disasters with a crowd of 200+ colleagues who have been drinking beer. Better than crying. Cheaper than therapy.

    F*ckUp Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated. It started in 2012 in Mexico City and VIATEC has brought it to Victoria, along with key partners like Ian Chisholm of the Roy Group and Jim Hayhurst of Pretio Interactive (who was also the MC).

    3 “f*ckuppers” had 6 minutes each to tell their story. We heard from Andrew McLeod, Chris Turchansky and Mike Wilson. Their stories ranged from a way-too-early startup from a dorm room, a CEO making a very bad call costing over $2M (and then another $3M to start over), and a lot of ego combined with a mid-life crisis, a rooster costume and that “Kanye” moment that ruined it all.

    Experience Tectoria continues today with 6 local company’s Origin Stories, a walking office tour of a dozen companies, a bus trip up the Peninsula to check out 5 more companies and then to cap it all off – The Rifflandia Music Festival!

    These out of towners won’t know what hit them – and they’ll definitely want to come back for more. #Tectoria #ET2017

    Listen below as Dan Gunn discusses Experience Tectoria on the Zone at 91.3fm’s morning show:

  3. Victoria artists take over 2017 festivals

    September 8, 2017 by Tessa Bousfield

    From Bass Coast to Shambhala, Tall Tree to Burning Man and more… local Victoria artists have been spotted at every single one. Artists such as James (Jimbo) Insell (Giant Peach, Phoenix Rainbow Project), Joshua Schmidt (Luminous Forest) and Scott Amos of Monkey C Interactive have all made BIG impressions, are giving locals something to brag about and are upping the creative game.

    Listen below as Dan Gunn goes into vivid detail on the Zone at 91.3fm’s morning show.

  4. Santa Sol

    August 11, 2017 by Tessa Bousfield

    Dan Gunn was taking a walk through his home town back east when he received an intriguing text from Vince Vaccaro himself. It contained a link to a few instrumental songs that made Dan’s eyes wide with excitement.

    Vince Vaccaro is currently working on a project called #SantaSol. He’s put together these incredible instrumental tracks specifically to be used by surf movies!

    “Golden” is more of a psychedelic track and “Poseidon” is a completely different side of Vince we’ve never heard before.

    Take a listen in the clip below from the Zone at 91.3fm’s morning show and check out Vince Vaccaro’s website for more of his work!