All the Sammiches

December 1, 2017 by Tessa Bousfield

One thing Victoria is known for is the countless amount of restaurants every direction you turn. We’ve heard for years that only San Francisco surpasses Victoria for the most restaurants per capita in North America. We’re not entirely sure that’s true, but we’ll keep saying it.

Going for lunch, as a result, can sometimes be overwhelming with the endless options. Well, here’s a list of the best Sandwiches in town to make your life a little easier (Also listen below as Dan, Dylan & Jason get passionate about their sandwich game – it’s pretty entertaining).

  • Broughton Street Deli
    • 648 Broughton St
      • Their classic clubhouse is a popular item, and their Black Forest Ham can be addictive.
  • Chorizo & Co
    • 807 Fort St
      • The “Bocata” Breakfast Bun is spoken of like it’s a magical creature, and for good reason. It consists of: a Brioche Bun, soft fried egg, crispy chorizo salami, manchego cheese and pimentón aioli.
  • Frankie’s Modern Diner
    • 910 Government St
      • Order their grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup – you’ll thank us. But the question is… to dunk, or not to dunk?
  • Glen’s Fabulous Sandwiches
    • The Bay Centre food court
      • The sandwich artists at this spot are PRO. You’ll have a mouth-watering, overloaded sandwich in your hand in less than 2 minutes.
  • Red Barn Market
    • Any location (Cadboro Bay doesn’t make sandwiches on site however)
      • Get it on bread, grilled on focaccia, throw some peppers on there – do whatever you want, but for Pete’s sake, get some Red Barn bacon on there or it’s just not a sandwich.
  • Salt + Pepper Fox (Grab & Go)
    • 569 Johnson St
      • Belly grumbling while doing all that shopping? This grab & go location is perfectly situated to cure your hunger pains.
  • Sammich Cafe
    • 1150 Douglas St
      • Any place that has a “Shia La Beef” sandwich on their menu is worth going to.


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