August, 2016

  1. Viking Ship Rocket Train with a flame throwing dragon skull

    August 19, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield

    You read that right. That’s a whole lot of awesome in one title! Dan Gunn is leaving for Burning Man next week and this year’s experience will be slightly different considering he got the green light to bring his very own art car to the festival.

    He’s spent evenings and weekends (not to mention the hours he lied awake thinking of the next critical steps), working tirelessly on this beaut with a few close friends and craftsman at Victoria Makerspace.

    It started off as a simple golf cart and it quickly took shape as every piece of stained wood, copper pipe, brass ornament, LED light and more were added, then removed, and then added again. Click here to watch the latest walk around!

    Some may have seen a glimpse of it at this year’s Pride Parade. It stood out! Even more has been added since then and Dan is looking forward to starting a new trend in local parades. Move over commercial trucks with Christmas lights…

    Victoria Pride Parade 2016

    Victoria Pride Parade 2016

    Have a listen as Dan describes it on the Zone@91.3fm‘s morning show and if you’re a burner – keep your eye out for the Viking Ship Rocket Train with a flame throwing dragon skull.

  2. Copper Owl

    August 12, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield

    Copper-OwlCopper Owl is a vintage venue located above the historic Paul’s Motor Inn in downtown Victoria. It showcases live local and touring bands, hosts art-related events, a variety of dance nights, performance art, comedy, literary events, karaoke, fundraisers, private events and even knitting socials! They’ve also been voted one of the best Canadian small music venues.

    The vintage vibe is due to a decor that is true to the 70s, copper-donned-everything and the fact that it’s above a motor inn with a sign that has ivy growing IN it. Make this spot one to visit… repeatedly.


    Listen below as Dan Gunn paints a blurry picture of his experiences at this fine establishment on the Zone@91.3fm’s morning show.

  3. Hack Art in the City

    August 5, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield

    Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.03.30 AM

    Monkey C Interactive recently installed “Musical Railings” at a downtown Victoria parkade and it has had the city buzzing with excitement and even some debate.

    Using sensors and microcontrollers, the back stairwell of the Bastion Square (Yates Street) Parkade has been modified into a fully-playable 5-story-tall musical instrument with sound-responsive LED lights.

    Click here to watch and hear the stairs in action.

    Click here to watch and hear the stairs in action.

    Scott Amos and Dave Parfit are behind the project and you may have seen a few of their other creations such as: The Registroid, the Phillips Piano Organ (Philli-phone) and the giant light cubes now found at Dockside Green.

    Listen below as Dan Gunn discusses the importance of Hack Art in our City as he dives into it on the Zone@91.3fm’s morning show…