January, 2014

  1. Do something hereNow!

    January 30, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

    hereNow is an app designed to help you find “something cool, now”. Currently in Beta, the interface is simple with four categories to search through: Art Shows, Live Music, Night Clubs and Theatre Performances. hereNow is about spontaneity and as the name suggests – it is focused on now or the very near future.

    The inception of hereNow goes like this: One evening Brian Holt (the creator, who we successfully stole from Vancouver just like Radjuli) was at home, with his girlfriend in Kitsilano. They decided they wanted to go out, hit a gallery, maybe some live music – perhaps something small and just a little off the beaten track. What they wanted was something cool, now. What they found was pure frustration. Between poorly updated online event listings, boring events and nothing in the way of an events aggregator, their search was really over before it began. Sad right? They broke up that night – now that’s sad. Now before you send your condolences (@hereNowVictoria) there is another side to this coin.

    Not wanting to have his heart broken again, Brian decided to solve a clear pain point. Recognizing he wasn’t the problem (Brian’s opinion) he set out to create an app that would ensure there was always a way to easily discover fun, engaging and creative events. Brian was already doing really well in the design and publishing business but had heard about this Accelerator program at a place called VIATeC. He flipped a coin. Victoria won. Seriously – this is how it happened.

    Fast forward one year and things have really moved along for Mr. Holt and hereNow. He was accepted into the Accelerator program, Tony Melli and Richard Cheeson were chosen as his mentors, and the beta version of his cross-platform mobile app went live on December 1st.

    The main focus at the moment is attracting users. In order to be successful hereNow will need users interested in the events as well as event providers (think Atomique) who update the app with their own events on a regular basis. The long term goal is to develop the app as an events platform, complete with push notifications and the ability follow event providers. From a business perspective it becomes a very targeted marketing platform allowing event providers to ensure their most ardent fans are always aware of their events.

    To date the response has been very positive and for the short time the mobile app has been live, it continues to attract more and more users. Since it’s still in beta mode, Brian is still entering events in himself – if you see something that you think should be there, he would love to hear from you: @hereNowVictoria. Alternatively, if you just need something to do, check out the app here: hereNow.co

  2. January 23, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

    You don’t have to meet Radjuli to like her. A quick read of her bio and you will soon realize she is living the dream. She is getting paid to do what she loves. It just so happens that what she loves to do is make art out of leather. Radjuli is actually a former Vanvouverite who saw the light, moved to Victoria and immediately found a multitude of communities (Burners, fire spinners, burlesque dancers and bondage enthusiasts, among others) ready to embrace her. Feel free to Google all those things to find out what they are – careful with the bondage however. Her name? That is a holdover from her Vancouver days. Her telephone number was 723-juli…which soon became rad-juli for short. The name stuck.

    She’s creative, technically proficient and holds a journeyman’s ticket in machining. She comes from a family of engineers and mechanics – which is probably why, through her meticulous design details, her creations last the test of time. Her family is also what pushed her to be an independent self starter from a very early age. With three generations of ‘makers’ behind her Radjuli had the skills at a very young age to make, alter and change her environment to suit her purposes. She worked with what she had and what she could find – in short she matched entrepreneurial determination along with technical skill and creativity to do amazing things. No surprise she fits in so well here in Victoria.

    Radjuli also decide to set up shop in Fan Tan Alley – a place that used to be home to opium dens and gambling parlours. Somewhat hidden and off the beaten track, Fan Tan is now home to many artists and small business owners who embrace Canada’s narrowest street, and represent the incredibly rich Victoria landscape. She is a drummer, percussionist and plays the saw. If you can play the saw you can call yourself anything you want. Radjuli you truly are Rad. Thank you for coming to Victoria and adding to the cultural landscape. Check her out online.

  3. Float House

    January 17, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

    It’s just you, some water and 800lbs of dissolved Epsom salts in a sensory deprivation tank. Ya you read that right – 800lbs of Epsom salts! On behalf of the entire Tectoria community we would like to welcome Float House to Victoria. The idea of floating, is actually nothing new – think of it as a way of taking relaxation to a whole other level without breaking any laws. Float House is a business that provides a unique service to its clientele – they have sensory deprivation chambers full of water that can be rented for fixed periods of time. In case you were wondering floating is done in the nude.

    When inside the isolation chamber there is no light, no sound, no smell and almost no perception of gravity due to the floating. The water temperature in the tank is matched to that of your skin so you don’t even perceive it. Isolation tanks like these are great for stress relief, general relaxation and meditation. For a full rundown of potential benefits to your mind, body and soul check out their website here: http://www.floathouse.ca

    Be prepared for an experience when you go, and let’s be honest, we are all going to try this at least once. This isn’t like getting a tan – in and out is not going to happen. You get there, have a nice shower, and mentally prepare for your time in the tank. Once you finish in the tank it is time for another relaxing shower followed by some hot tea. Everything is white, clean looking and very new age. Their mission is to “provide a clean, relaxed, and unique environment where people of all walks of life can practice deep meditation, manifest creativity, and foster rest and recovery by use of the floatation tank”. Have fun!

  4. It’s About the Meat

    January 1, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

    If you like to consume flesh there are more than a few good options here in Victoria. To many the source and quality of the meat itself is equally, and sometimes even more important, than the actual flavour. Locally sourced, antibiotic & hormone free as well as grass fed are all things that consumers are starting to think about more and more.

    This brings us to the recent opening of the Victoria Public Market. Meat, cheese, pies, tea, bread and more are available at what is our very own (fledgling) mini Granville Island. There is lots to see and explore at this place so head on down. When you do, however, make sure you are hungry because you need to try the Porchetta sandwich down at Roast. Without giving too much away we are just going to say it is better than Subway and leave it at that. Check them out on Facebook HERE.

    CarnivoreNow what if you just need to buy a serious Prime Rib? We are talking bone in, antibiotic and hormone free, locally sourced Prime Rib that will make you the star of your next family dinner. Maybe you just need more bacon (who doesn’t)? If you haven’t heard of Carnivore you should really check them out. They are part of a growing movement here in Victoria and elsewhere that is really making the local butcher, deli and bakery relevant again.

    In their own words: “Carnivore Meats carries Island beef, pork, lamb, bison, chicken and turkey; we make our own fresh sausages, smoked products like bacon, ham, and pepperoni; we will have a deli side to find the finest Island cheeses, cold cuts, etc; and all these products will are made with hormone-free and antibiotic-free Island meats that were free range and humanely raised; all grinds will be single batch; we accept any and all custom orders or special cutting requests; and virtually all meat comes from within 100 miles.”  

    Check out Carnivore on Facebook HERE.