November, 2013

  1. Not your average room full of people

    November 25, 2013 by Tessa Bousfield

    With Bob McDonald, CBC’s Chief Science Correspondent; Ann Makosinski, the 15yr old winner of Google’s Global Science Fair; and more than 70 other gifted presenters and exhibitors, Victoria’s Crystal Gardens promises to have the highest average IQ of any building in Victoria on December 13th.

    That day the Crystal Gardens will once again host Discover Tectoria.  Think robots, simulators, and everything in between. The local Gaming Studio and Innovation Showcases alone are sure to keep your minds blown, hands full, and jaws open.

    Wanna know the best part? Your friends here at the B-Side managed to get our hands on a dozen tickets to this sure to sell out event!  We’re not much for elaborate contests, but we would like to support a great cause.  So, if you’d like two free tickets to the event, all you have to do is bring six non-perishable food items by the VIATeC Accelerator office before December 6th. The first five of you to do so will get the tickets, and VIATeC will then have more food for the Mustard Seed.  Everyone’s a winner!  See Details Below.

    VIATeC Accelerator Office
    2659 Douglas Street – 2nd Floor
    Donations accepted Monday – Friday 10am – 3pm.

  2. TinyMob gets BIG Dough

    November 16, 2013 by Tessa Bousfield

    TinyMob Games was founded in September, 2013 in Victoria, British Columbia. Like the tech industry here in Victoria, TinyMob is young and growing fast. What is particularly interesting about TinyMob is that they have managed to secure $2M in funding – locally. That says a lot. Obviously Alex and the team have inspired those in the Victoria investment community. Based on how old they are, it would also seem that they approached Victoria investors first and Victoria investors answered the bell in a big way.

    The story here is that some people who are passionate about mobile gaming setup shop here in Victoria, secured funding locally and are now actively developing products, for a massive market, that requires 10 full time jobs. While we think this is great – we are particularly excited about the message TinyMob and local investors are telling our community. Work hard, come up with a valid idea business idea, and everything you need to get started can be made available right here in Victoria.

    TinyMob is determined to become the leading maker of free-to-play strategy games on mobile devices. Judging by their website, and obvious sense of humour, these guys have all played World of Warcraft and are intent on bringing that to everyone’s smartphone early this year. Stay tuned – much more coming from TinyMob.