June 3, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

Image courtesy Vic42 and Al Smith Studios


HoogeStudios is the passion of Todd Hooge, better known (by some) as the co-founder of local technology company Metamend. To other people, Todd is known as one of Victoria’s most accomplished drummers.

Rumour has it Todd Hooge, during his time in Dublin, rubbed shoulders with fellow drummer Larry Mullen Jr. but any musician right here in Victoria will tell you that Todd is a go-to-guy for drumming and more.

Somewhere along Todd’s musical journey HoogeStudios has quietly become a key part of Victoria’s thriving music scene.

Todd is passionate about music. Besides equipping his studio with the latest recording technology, he also has an awesome collection of older, classic analog equipment and more, waiting for musicians to discover in his otherwordly mountaintop studio in Metchoshin.

While HoogeStudios alumni Robbie Aylesworth was recently named the Zone’s Band of the Month (Todd Hooge plays drums in Aylesworth’s combom and Todd reliably records live “bootlegs” of the Zone’s Band of the Month), several local acts that have recorded at HoogeStudios will also be playing the upcoming VICFest on June 14.

The Roper Show and Scotty Hill, both key draws at VICFest, recorded at HoogeStudios.

Todd Hooge will also be on stage at VICFest as part of Robbie Aylesworth’s band. He’s also practicing for an upcoming gig playing the VIATeC Awards.

Back at HoogeStudios, there’s rumours of something new from another hot Victoria band, Towers and Trees.

There’s a lot to look forward to this summer.

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