Ground Control Cafe Has Blasted Off

January 23, 2015 by Tessa Bousfield

“Every tech sector needs jet fuel to access the Right Stuff that’s needed to blast through to the other side of crunch time.” – Chuck Yeager.

All in all it was just over 5 months from when we purchased the building in March, 2014 to when we blasted off and opened Fort Tectoria at the beginning of September.

fort tectoria

During the whirlwind of activity in spring and summer 2014 getting the building open, and then the “fitting out” phase in fall making things just right, we just didn’t have a chance to get the coffee shop up and running.

But as of today, Ground Control is fully operational.

Ground Control Cafe at Fort Tectoria

The tech workers who call four-storey Fort Tectoria home need coffee, and we knew we had to get the coffee shop operational.

And we also knew that having a coffee shop in our lobby would also attract the general public – it would be yet another way to connect the tech community with all of Greater Victoria.


Ground Control has comfortable chairs, tables to work at, and most importantly, awesome WiFi. It’s the perfect place to grab a drink, meet someone, or even get some work done on your laptop.



The beans come from our friends at Victoria’s own 2% Jazz roastery. The baristas are Nik Øvstaas and Jill Kingsley. The dynamic duo of demitasse artistry have a background in fine cuisine and coffee, and have traveled all over Canada. Both are Tectorians born and bred, but have spent a lot of time in Montreal.

We’re happy they came home to help us launch Ground Control Cafe.

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