Gary Garritan

January 30, 2015 by Tessa Bousfield

Tectoria has a connection with the man who made one of the most significant advances in piano technology since the 1800’s.

The Garritan/Abbey Road Virtual Concert Grand Piano has been honored with the most coveted award in the music tech industry – a 2015 Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award, which recognizes the best, most groundbreaking music technology for musicians, producers, and performers.

The founder  of Garritan is one of the world’s leading providers of quality virtual software instruments, is located right here in Victoria.

“It was a wonderful experience working with the legendary Abbey Road Studios to produce this most advanced state-of-the-art Virtual Grand Piano,” says Gary, who resides in Victoria. “Fourteen years ago, I began my career in music technology by earning an Editor’s Choice Award for an orchestral project we recorded at Lincoln Center. As I now go into retirement, it is a nice crowning touch to leave it with another EM Editor’s Choice Award.”


“There’s a plethora of piano libraries already in existence,” says Gary in an interview with Music Tech. “We counted over 100 sample-based libraries the last time we checked. Since Henry E. Steinway in the 1800s there hadn’t been any major advances in piano technology until more recently with the Yamaha CFX piano from the CF series. The CFX created a new standard and no-one has sampled it yet.”

Having the opportunity to sample music at the one-time stomping grounds proved to be irresistible for this Tectorian.

“Abbey Road Studios is the best location in the entire world to record a library like this,” says Garritan. “We worked with the best piano, studio space, gear and engineers to create a package that’s above and beyond what’s already out there.”

Born in New York, Gary has revolutionized music creation by ensuring that professional-quality software instrument sounds are within every musician’s reach. He’s has decidcated his life’s work work to creating convincing, sampled orchestral sounds that always offer an intuitive and playable interaction

He’s known the world over as a leading innovator in music technology. He has been a pioneer of software musical instruments for the past dozen years and his soundware is bundled with MakeMusic Finale, Apple GarageBand, SONY Acid Pro, Cakewalk SONAR, Microsoft Songsmith, AKAI EWI, and other well‐known music software.

Garritan software instruments have won numerous industry awards, have set many standards in the industry, and are endorsed by many well‐known composers and performers.

He succeeded in his mission to make high‐quality software instruments accessible for every musician, especially students and teachers. And he is responsible for notation software playback which allows musicians to hear realistic renditions of their compositions and arrangements within notation programs.

Gary Garritan recently sold his business to MakeMusic, Inc, the makers of Finale, and currently serves as their Director of Instrumental Sciences.





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