May 20, 2016 by Tessa Bousfield


Nicole Smith left her job with Microsoft to start her own company in 2013 called Flytographer. Inspired by a trip with friends and family, Nicole found herself disliking the countless arm-length selfie pics that were a result of her memorable vacation. Too bad the film didn’t capture it! This led her to the idea of Flytographer…

Flytographer connects travellers with a network of over 350 local photographers in 175 destinations around the world to coordinate photo shoots that capture the wonder of exploring a new place. The first company to market global vacation photography services, Flytographer is changing the way people remember their trips by providing one-of-a-kind experiences and beautiful photographs to help remember them. Nicole has turned down an offer on the Dragons’ Den, has been mentioned by Oprah, she’s made it on the W100 5 Women to Watch list, C100 48 hrs in the Valley, Metabridge Top 15 AND is up for a VIATEC Award!

Listen below as Dan Gunn explains more on the Zone@91.3fm’s morning show.

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