Ditch Records: the Best Record Store in Canada

April 11, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield

ditch records

When VIATeC moves to our new home at Fort Victoria, we’re going to have a lot more space for our record collection. And it turns out we’re going to need as much space as we can get.


Because VIATeC’s new location at 777 Fort Street is directly across the street from the best record store in Canada: Ditch Records.

Ditch Records is part of Tectoria’s secret sauce, and is part of what makes our island home such an eclectic, cultured and interesting place.

Want a signed Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “Live at KCRW” LP? They’ve got it. Pete Townsend’s Quadrophenia demos on vinyl? They have those to. Tickets to the upcoming Hanson Brother’s gig? Sorry, sold out! But, don’t forget to check Ditch’s ticket page for the latest information about upcoming gigs.

Besides boasting a fantastic and comprehensive selection of new and used vinyl, CD’s, and even cassette tapes for 17 years, Ditch Records sells tickets for all types of shows in Victoria and Vancouver, including Rifflandia each September.

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In fact, if you’re a local act, Ditch will support you by selling your tickets and generally getting the word out.

The staff, led by store owner JR Robinson, are more than knowledgeable, firing out answers to tough music trivia questions faster than Google serves search results.

And chances are, if you are searching for something, Ditch will have it. The tiny store at Fort and Blanshard is filled with a gigantic catalogue of niche categories and obscure titles, thanks to its trade-in policy which accounts for almost 50 per cent of new stock.

Stores like Ditch Records are rare in Canada, as are the more mainstream record stores. A&B Sound, where JR Robinson got his start, is long gone from its former Yates Street location (and is now in fact home to one of Victoria’s most successful tech companies).

Ditch survives and thrives because of the store’s connection to community… and an awesome vinyl and CD collection. We’re looking forward to becoming neighbours with JR Robinson and the staff at Ditch, and expanding the VIATeC vinyl collection.

While you’re waiting for Fort Victoria to arise at 777 Fort Street, be sure to visit Ditch on April 19 this month, for Record Store Day 2014.

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