Clash of Arrows

April 23, 2015 by Tessa Bousfield

There aren’t many pleasures in the world that top hitting your best friend or boss with a bow and arrow (foam-tipped, of course), which is why ClashofArrows has arrived in Victoria and is about to become THE recreational activity of the year.


ClashofArrows Archery Tag is a team-based combat archery game played with safety patented foam-tipped arrows. It combines elements from paintball, dodgeball, and archery, making it a uniquely thrilling experience. There’s even a referee on site to keep track for you so you can focus on your aim and announcing your archery alias as you slay the other team… “That arrow was brought to you by Cobra 99!”


As young people in Victoria, Didier Vincent and Hannah Morrison (The 18 year and 19 year olds behind ClashofArrows), were finding a lack of activities they could partake in. A friend introduced them to “Blast Archery” in Vancouver and they couldn’t get enough of it. ClashofArrows was then born and brought home to the Fernwood Community Centre.

The aim for ClashofArrows is to help diversify the market of recreational activities in Victoria while also making their services available to everyone.

“We want people to feel empowered and be comfortable enough to bring out their inner Legolas, Hawkey, Green Arrow and Katniss Everdeen,” commented Didier. “While you’re dodging arrows and shooting down enemies, you won’t even realize that you are strengthening fundamental teamwork skills. Regardless of age, social status or fitness level, we want you to come battle it out!”

When you’re hit, it doesn’t sting like it does in Paintball. In fact, the arrow only goes 90 Feet Per Second (FPS), where a standard paint-ball goes 280 FPS. It’s an exciting game, yet still low-impact enough that the whole family can participate.

1614491_364266743781427_8632492516985223920_oTHE LAY OF THE LAND

The objectives are simple:

  • Eliminate all fighters from the other team (6) by “tagging” them with your arrows
  • Clear out all target centers
  • Have fewest missing targets at the end of the round
    (9 min rounds, 55 min total playing time)
  • Catching arrows and hitting targets will bring eliminated players back in.

The course is indoors, although there are mobile outdoor courses available, and it’s broken up into two 40’ x 50’ sections, with a 20’ safety zone in the middle. There are inflated bunkers on each side for players to hide behind and if you run out of arrows, there will be plenty flying around that you can steal.

You can also sneak in a shot to your best friend’s head for extra satisfaction, but it won’t count as a tag, we already asked.


Didier is studying Business at Camosun College while Hannah is enrolled in the Engineering program at the University of Victoria.

Didier is also an Amateur boxer that has travelled around Vancouver Island and the lower Mainland to get in the ring. In fact, he trained with Bryan “Boitano” Capistrano of the Zone@91.3FM for Fight 4 the Cause last winter.

In addition to his athletic conquests, Didier started his first business in 2013 when he launched a clothing line with his brother, AlainVincent, named after their father who they get their entrepreneurial spirit from

Growing up, Didier watched his father move from Haiti and set up his own pharmaceutical business in Victoria. The success of his pharmacy, STS Pain (which is on the same block as ClashofArrows), has proved to Didier that a strong work ethic will pay off.

Founders Hannah Morrison and Didier Vincent

Founders Hannah Morrison and Didier Vincent


As ClashofArrows grows in popularity, Didier and Hannah’s initial goal is to expand up island, so no one on Vancouver Island has to go far to enjoy their services.

“Once we have started to expand, we are hoping to partner with the local music festivals such as Rifflandia, Squamish Valley Music Festival and Pemberton Music Festival to hold events for the festival goers,” commented Didier. “In the same way that the beer gardens are set up, we want to have a battleground at each festival where people can take a break from the music and just have fun with their friends. We understand that festival goers are looking to have an experience to remember, and we want to help provide it.”


There is no deadline to register for Summer bookings, but the deadline to register for their July 18th Tournament is approaching quickly on May 1st.

At the tournament you’ll see local food trucks such as WannaWafle and Stir it up (Jamaican cuisine). The 6 vs. 6 teams will battle it out throughout the day to win 5 free ClashofArrows passes, custom made T-shirts with their team name and slogan and a one-on-one video interview about their battles in the arena.

Everyone who signs up (by May 1st), will receive a 16% discount on the $25 initial fee using the promo code “GladiatorsArena”.

Regular sessions outside of tournaments are $25 a person for 55 min of play or $45 for 2 hours of play. Private group bookings are available for groups of 12. A great team-building activity for the office!

Bows, arrows and helmets are provided. Just bring a clean pair of shoes, good sportsmanship and keep your in-laws at home. Not worth it.



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