Al and Teresa Say: Victoria is the Number 42

April 16, 2014 by Tessa Bousfield


On his website, Al Smith describes himself as “a professional photographer and entrepreneur based out of Victoria, BC, Canada.”

But Al is more than that.

He’s the founder of a successful Victoria tech startup, Oprius Software.

Al Smith also is a devoted off-roader, and frequently takes off to explore forests, tundra, and desert in his magnificent and trusty Jeep.

Al also single-handedly supports Fuji Film by buying all of their cameras whenever they come out. There’s actually statue of Al at the company’s Tokyo HQ. Just don’t tell them Al uses his iPhone to shoot most of his photos on the road.

But why do we love Al the most?

We love Al Smith because he works hard with fellow entrepreneur Teresa Lindsay to put Victoria’s culture on the map by publishing Vic42 (hint: “42” is a reference to Douglas Adams), an online archive of talented individuals in Victoria who are living beyond the norm and making things happen.

You know, the people who make Victoria an interesting place.

And if you don’t know Vic42 co-founder, writer, and social entrepreneur Teresa Lindsay, be sure to check out one of her many creative ventures, such as Threaditorial, or, of course, Vic42.

Take the pledge and join Vic42 yourself!

Al and Teresa-

Al also creates a place in Victoria for culture to thrive and grow. He uses his photography studio on Discovery Street for art shows, concerts and even movie showings.

Most recently, he invited the director of a documentary about a well-loved indie Americana band to come to Victoria and speak.

So Al Smith and Teresa Lindsay are all about making Victoria a richer, more connected place. Check out Vic42.

You may learn the meaning of life.

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